I. Как построить рассказ о себе на английском языке.

В качестве введения следует использовать фразу: Let me introduce myself.

1. Прежде всего, стоит назвать имя и фамилию (name / surname), ваш возраст. Говоря о возрасте, можно сказать, когда и где вы родились:

I was born on the … (date) of … (month) … (year) in … (city).

2. Опишите вкратце свою семью: I have a large / small family. I am an only child in a family).

Нелишним будет упоминание имён и профессий ваших родителей, жены (мужа): My mother / father/ wife / husband … (name) is ……(profession).

3. Расскажите, чем вы занимаетесь (где и кем работаете):

I work at … (job: at the railway, a railway station, a depot, a metro, an office, a factory, a firm).

I am … (profession: an accountant, a builder, a driver, an economist, a manager, a mechanic, a station master on duty, a technician, a worker). )

4. Уделите часть рассказа повествованию о вашей студенческой жизни:

I am a student of….

Расскажите о Вашем учебном заведении. Например:

The Russian Open Technical Academy of Moscow State University of Railway Transport was established in 1951. Our University has 30 branches in such cities as Yaroslavl, Voronezh, Nizhniy Novgorod, Tula, Smolensk, etc. It is one of the biggest Universities in our country. It is located in Chasovaya street in a large five-storeyed building with a park around it.

There are some faculties at our University (Operation of transportation pro­cesses, Railway transport means, Railway construction, Economics). They train stu­dents on different specialities. The University offers a wide range of study opportunities of all levels: bachelor of science, a specialist, master of science.

Поделитесь, какие предметы вам интересны:

I study higher mathematics, descriptive geometry, physics, chemistry, foreign language, history, philosophy and many other special subjects such as organization and management on railway transport, logistic and so on. My favourite subject is … .

5. Заключительную часть рассказа посвятите своим увлечениям (interest) и хобби (hobby). Например:

As for my interests, I am fond of… (I am interested in… I like…).

Это может быть чтение (reading), языки (learning foreign languages), путешествия (travelling), садоводство (gardening), музыка (music) и т.д.

Закончить рассказ о себе на английском языке можно предложением о том, что вы стремитесь быть квалифицированным (уважаемым) специалистом (skilled (efficient) specialist of railway trans­port) и просто прекрасным человеком (a good person).

II. Ответьте на вопросы:

Вопросы Ожидаемые ответы
1. What is your name? How old are you? When and where were you born? Where do you live? My name is … . I am … years old. I was born on the …(date) of …(month), …(year) in …(city / town / village). I live in …(city / town / village).
2. What about your family? What are your parents? Are you married? Have you got children? I have a large (small) family with … (brothers / sisters). I am an only child in a family. My mother …(name) is …(profession). My father …(name) is …(profession). I am married. My wife (husband) is … (profession). We have a child (a daughter / a son) / children.
3. What are you? What is your job? Where do you work? I am a railwayman (railwaywoman). I am …(job). I work at …(profession).
4. Are you a student now? Where do you study? What faculty do you study at? What is your speciality? What year are you in? What department do you study at? What subjects do you study? What is your favourite subject? I am a student now. I study at … . I study at the faculty of … . My speciality is … I am a (first-year, second-year) student of the extra-mural department. I study …(subjects). My favourite subject is … .
5. What is your interest (hobby)? As for my interests, I like …(hobby).